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Medicinal Chemistry

  • Sundia medicinal chemistry department has been working with clients and built a successful track record in drug discovery, including hit identification, SAR study, lead optimization, molecular profiling and candidate selections. We successfully assist our client in IP establishment and protection through patent filings in the area of oncology, CNS, inflammation and metabolic diseases.


  • Great experience in drug design including optimizing bio-activity, bio-selectivity, pharmacological activity with SBDD, experienced at improving DMPK property,drug interactions and physical properties including solubility in drug discovery programs.


  • The team has experience in discovery of drugs in the biological target family of GPCR, ion channel, enzymes including kinases, and nuclear receptor.


  • Great experience in drug development candidate profiling and selection.


  • Dealt with variety of organic synthesis including the syntheses of peptide, sugar, nucleotides, alkaloids, taxoid, lipids, heterocycles.


  • Good at stereo-selective and asymmetric synthesis.


  • Chiral resolution, SFC separation and X-ray crystalgraphy to confirm the chiral structures of organic molecules.


  • Working with our biology, DMPK and others departments, Sundia can provide integrated drug discovery service as well.
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