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Senior Scientist/Group Leader
Job Title:   Senior Scientist/Group Leader  
Location:   Shanghai Number:   1
Education:   Ph.D./M.D. Foreign Language:   English
Language Level:   skilled Years of Experience:   0


1. BS degree or above in chemistry or other related science discipline.

2.at least 4yrs industrial experience working for a credible pharmaceutical company on synthetic or medicinal chemistry.

3.have good knowledge of organic chemistry and strong laboratory skills.

4.should be able to design and synthesize the target molecules with high quality and in a time and cost efficient manner.

5.demonstrated good supervision skills and possessed a managing role in a group or a project for a certain period of time.

6.must be able to write laboratory notebook in English and have good verbal and oral communication skills in both Chinese and English.

7.must also be self-motivated, honest, responsible, accountable, innovative, and team-spirited.



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