Sundia Exhibit in 2018 ChemOutsourcing


September 17-19, 2018, ChemOutsourcing was successfully held in Long Branch, New Jersey, USA. As one of the largest pharmaceutical raw materials drug event in the United States, ChemOutsourcing Conference and Exhibition attracted more than 100 high-end suppliers from the fields of medicine, biotechnology, chemical and chemical services.


As the leading China-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D company, Sundia is committed to providing high-quality and efficient “one-stop shop” integrated drug development services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. The exhibition is combined with the forum, bringing together many well-known experts in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and senior executives of large companies. By exhibiting our latest technology platform to the customers, we have successfully demonstrated our rich R&D experience, state of the art equipments and matured solutions, Sundia has not only consolidated existing partnerships, but also explored a large number of potential customers worldwide through this event. 



About Sundia


As a leading, fully-integrated ‘one-stop shop’ service provider, Sundia provides a full range of CRO services in drug discovery and development ranging from Library Design, Parallel Synthesis, Custom Synthesis, Organic Chemistry, Discovery Biology and DMPK to Process R&D and Analytical R&D, Formulation R&D as well as Preclinical testing to meet clients' specific project needs. Leveraging our rich project management and IND submission expertise, Sundia can efficiently integrate all the studies that are required for CFDA/FDA IND submissions and are compliant with global GMP standards.

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