On January 14th, 2019, Dr. Jung-Ho Kim of Oscotec Inc. visited our headquarters in Shanghai. The CEO of Sundia, Jim Li hosted the visit. Dr. Kim was impressed with our state-of-the-art laboratory and well established management system. The CTO of Oscotec, Dr. Jung-Ho Kim expressed his gratitude and high praise for the quality service provided by Sundia. Oscotec is grateful to award Sundia the“2018 Best Outsourcing Partner Award”.



Sundia has been working with Oscotec and its sister company Genosco for many years and has also completed several projects for both companies. Genosco and Yuhan jointly licensed out its new clinical-stage lung cancer drug to Janssen Biotech for $1.25 million in 2018.


The “Best Outsourcing Partner Award” is a great honor and recognition from client. It shows that Sundia strive to provide highest quality and yet cost effective integrated CRO services to its customers. In the future, Sundia will stick to our pure play CRO strategy and continue to provide highest-quality integrated CRO services to our client. We will continuously pursue innovation, and achieve win-win business collaboration with our customers.

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