Congratulations to Sinovent for NMPA IND approval


Congratulations to Sinovent for their Class 1 new drug XNW7201 and tablets (CXHL1900110, CXHL1900111, CXHL1900112, CXHL1900113) received NMPA IND approval. 



XNW7201 is an inhibitor for the Wnt pathway Porcupine target developed by Sinovent. The inhibitor is intended for the treatment of digest system related tumors such as colon cancer, esophageal cancer, and gastric cancer.


Sundia provides one stop shop service includes API synthesis, formulation and analytical method development, reference standard preparation, DMPK, as well as the CTD document preparation to Sinovent. The project(XNW7201) has successfully received IND approval from NPMA and its tablets.


Sundia once again demonstrates our one-stop service platform is been able to shorten the timeline and reduce the cost for the development of customers' preclinical new drug programs. Sundia strive to provide a fully integrated CRO services and quality project management service for more and more partners, reducing cost and increase efficiency for the drug research and development. We are looking forward to the success of Sinovent on bringing more innovative and quality drug to Chinese patients.


About Sinovent


Founded in 2016, Sinovent is headquartered in Suzhou, with offices in Beijing and Boston, as well asa production plant base in Suzhou. It has built an integrated pharmaceutical value chain includes research, development, production, and commercialization in China.

As a global biopharmaceutical company driven by innovation, Sinovent is committed to bring the most innovative drugs to the market quicker and faster. With a deep understanding of the Chinese market and the long term investment, Sinovent strive toprovide those drugs to meet the growing medical demands in China. At present, Sinovent has 12 research pipelines covering six therapeutic areas including Oncology, Central Nervous System, Autoimmunity, and Infectious Disease.


About Sundia


As a leading, fully-integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ service provider, Sundia provides a variety of CRO services in drug discovery and development which includes Library Design, Parallel Synthesis, Custom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, in vitro & in vivo Biology, DMPK, Process Development, Analytical Chemistry, Formulation Development, and Preclinical testing to meet clients' specific project needs. Leveraging our rich project management and IND submission expertise, Sundia can efficiently integrate all the studies that are required for NMPA/FDA IND submissions and are compliant with global GMP standards.


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