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Drug Discovery

Sundia utilizes a truly integrated approach to small molecule drug discovery. As an experienced drug discovery service provider, we are able to tailor our strengths and resources to meet our clients’ needs, which range from medicinal chemistry, in vitro / in vivo biology, ADME, DMPK and disease animal models.

With over a decade of experience working with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Sundia has successfully delivered numerous novel, validated drug targets across a range of different therapeutic areas. Sundia’s high quality drug discovery service platform has successfully increased the efficiency of target screening to hit identification to lead optimization.

  • Chemistry

    At Sundia we are extremely proud of the scientific and technical capabilities and accomplishments of our chemistry team which is of great experience and efficiency in China. This team of dedicated professionals possesses deep technical expertise in all aspects of synthetic and medicinal chemistry and is prepared to handle the challenges faced in drug discovery projects to deliver successful results for our clients.

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  • Biology

    Sundia’s Biology team offers a comprehensive range of pharmacology services and efficacy models from early-stage discovery to IND-enabling studies. During the entire drug discovery and development process, our clients have successfully received approvals on several applications from the U.S. FDA and China FDA. Our comprehensive solutions and tailor-made services have been recognized by top global biopharma companies and prove to be a trust worthy drug discovery partner in the industry.

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  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

    The well trained and experienced DMPK/Bioanalysis scientists in Sundia are divided into three functional groups: in vitro ADME, in-life/PK, LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis and Metabolite ID. Our services in metabolism, transporters, other in vitro studies and pharmacokinetics cover from early discovery to IND-enabling studies. Our clients have achieved submissions of 18 pre-clinical studies to China CFDA or FDA and went through onsite-audits, approvals, registrations; some of the candidates are in clinical studies. We dedicate to high quality and fast turnaround times, competitive prices and strict IP protections.

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